• AGM – Monday April 1st 2019, Ham Christian Centre 8pm

All are welcome to attend this meeting at the Ham Christian Centre on Monday April 1st at 8pm. As an overview the finances are in good shape and the committee will be recommending the we keep the annual maintenance charge at the same rate of £150 (£110 for prompt payment).

  • Sad news

Our accountant Richard Millard passed away on 3rd January 2019. It goes without saying we are very grateful for his help and expertese he has offered over many years.

Can I ask you to make sure no further correspondence is sent to his Langham Gardens address.

  • Our new accountant:

Rafal Szymański who runs a company called Firmindex at: 18, Udeny Park Road, Teddington TW11 9BG. He is keen to update our payments system and encourage more electronic methods.

  • Fancy joining the committee?

It’s not that bad! We meet about 8 times a year over a bottle of wine at one of our houses. The meetings are generally over in an hour.

If you want to give it a go, get in touch with one of us.